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What is Sleuth?

Call us what you want. We are what you need us to be - your in-house team, or your outsourced advisor. But, we know that most people need to put labels on things to understand them. So - if we must:

Sleuth is an innovation consultancy
with a finely-tuned instinct for sales.
A team that is creatively strategic and strategically creative. Problem tellers and story solvers. We merge creative flair with business acumen to solve complex problems - unlocking growth in our client's businesses.

We challenge convention and build through defiance - never settling for surface level. Our purpose is to evolve businesses and exceed customer expectations.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what you call us. We’d like to call you our partner.

How do we work?


Expect cross-examination as we interrogate your assumptions and facilitate interventions.


Anticipate knowledge-sharing, training and skills development to shift your thinking.


Execute special operations to diagnose and solve problems in your business.


Leverage our knowledge and skills in fact finding, problem solving, and understanding.

Get to know our Sleuths.

"Bring me your problems."
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Brett Matheson

Managing Partner
“Tell me your story...”
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Richard Scott-Martin

Partner: Narrative
“Show me where it hurts.”
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Calvin Appleton

Business Systems Engineer
“I’m the office perfectionist.”
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Joel Perlman

Narrative & Marketing Specialist
“Enjoying this site I made?”
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Nicole Klaver

Visual Developer
I look like I'm 12. I'm not.
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Paige Coull

Marketing & Narrative Support

Turning ignorance into insight.

Turning ignorance

into insight.

Knowledge has become a commodity in today’s world, and known answers are everywhere and easily accessible. But, the value of explicit information is dropping by the day.

We choose to organise our thinking around what we don’t know. Embracing our ignorance wholeheartedly and use questioning as a framework to navigate our way through uncertainty. Our value lies in what we're able to do with knowledge in the pursuit of an inquiry - not in knowledge itself.
We refuse to accept existing reality
and approach inquiry systematically - we're pretty comfortable with not getting to the answer straight away.

In our journey together, we’ll ask ambitious yet actionable questions that will shift your thinking and serve as a catalyst to evolve your business.

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Evolving Businesses Through Empathy And Inquiry.
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