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You're stepping into a competitive space where legacy thinking is going to hold you back.
It's time to shift your thinking.

Technology continues to push the limits of what we think is possible. We’re moving at such a pace that we often take for granted what has happened, and how it’s impacting the way we do business.

Whether you’re prepared to accept it or not, you’re in the olympics of business. And the competition is fierce - with little to no room for error. If you’re not doing everything you can to get ahead, you’ll be left behind. And in today’s market it’s a slippery slope into irrelevance.

Sales, marketing and customer success is a team sport. And like any team sport, if you want to succeed, your team has to work smarter - and harder - than your competition. The good news: the skills you need to be successful can be developed and the knowledge to outsmart your competition can be acquired.

Myth: "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". Truth: the brain is far more adaptable than we could ever imagine.



Now's not the time to fumble.

Tell the right story

& nail

& nail the pitch.

the pitch.

The time has come to pitch to the decision maker(s).

Yes, you have to win hearts, but you need to present to the mind. Time and time again, we’ve seen teams get caught up on unnecessary details - to the point where they no longer understand the audience’s perspective. The reality is: you’re probably too close to the material and message to see the bigger picture.

Presentations need to grab and hold people’s attention, build trust, and drive conversations that will convert to sales. We build presentations that’ll showcase how your solution solves your customer’s problems, addresses their threats and alleviate their fears.

Here's how we help you get it right.

Here's how we help you get it right.


Quickly grab and hold attention.

We use proven principles and methods from neuro- and social sciences to take a brain-based approach to visuals, message, timing, and structure.


Target the brain.

We develop brain-stimulating images and tactics to instantly convey your value. We then design the messaging sequence for engagement and retention - from start to finish.


Move people to action.

Our methodology will ensure you’re able to differentiate against the competition by creating an emotional lift that builds a compelling and convincing environment.

When it's going your way v.s when it's not.

When it's going your way v.s when it's not.

Your audience is engaged.

You’ve got their attention. They’re asking good questions that spark crucial conversations. By the end of it all, you’ve got the whole room on the same page.

Thumbs Up
Your audience is bored.

The room feels sleepy - there's a lack of energy and excitement. Your audience may be polite, but they’re uncertain with the numerous conversations that are taking your efforts in different directions.

Some of the things we do.

Some of the things we do.

  • Proposals

  • Pitch Decks

  • Sales Scripts & Narrative

  • Value Propositions

  • Buyer Personas

  • Coaching & Training


You can't afford to make


Content marketing and thought leadership has been hyped up as the ‘new form of advertising’. While the idea behind it all may be noble, execution often leads to businesses mindlessly creating content that they assume their customers will value.

In our experience, we’ve found that many businesses do not know their customers well enough to deliver the level of insight necessary to shift their perspective. It requires a significant amount of time, energy and empathy to produce the kind of content that drives action.
Not only do you have to
know your customer
but you need to
understand how your customers know themselves.

We help you get to the gold by uncovering the kind of insights that shape and reshape demand. We work with you to develop content that’ll have a commercial impact on your business.

Here's how we help you get it right.

Here's how we help you get it right.



How you make your case matters as much as the information you present. We visualise your value proposition to illuminate impact.

Magnifying Glass


We help you articulate and define HOW you add value and WHY your customers should buy from you.


Tell a story.

We ensure that your message is communicated in a way that matches the process, and emotional triggers of the brain’s decision making process.

When it's going your way v.s when it's not.

When it's going your way v.s when it's not.

You've got the insights.

You’ve got a cluster of insights that help you understand your customer’s narrative in detail and complexity. You’re producing high-quality content that drives customers to take action with you.

Thumbs Up
You're making assumptions.

You’re making assumptions about your customer, you’re constantly harassing your team for content, and you’re publishing boring posts that no one reads. You’re wasting time, money and opportunities.

Some of the things we do.

Some of the things we do.

  • Infographics

  • Brochures & Flyers

  • Blog Posts

  • Content Marketing

  • Strategy

  • White Papers

  • Explainer Videos

  • Success Stories


Model your success

so that you can

recreate it.

It’s a common challenge for growing businesses to build a scalable sales model.

Consider this: all businesses start with someone able to sell something. They pour their blood, sweat and tears into that business. And it’s often their conviction and sense of purpose that lies at the heart of their sales success. But what happens when someone else has to sell their business?

We believe that the reality on the ground should determine your approach. We help you build sales models based on the realities of your market. We work with you to develop and define your process and method so that anyone can reliably and repeatedly achieve sales success.

Here's how we help you get it right.

Here's how we help you get it right.

Piggy Bank

Know your customer.

We help you understand the language your customers use to describe what they’re trying to achieve.

Cheque Book

Know your business.

We help you identify the value that you create and deliver to your customer.


Know your market.

We help you understand and identify the greater forces at play within your industry and market.

When it's going your way v.s when it's not.

When it's going your way v.s when it's not.

You're focused.

You’ve got clear insight into your sales performance and you’re constantly improving your processes and methods based on measurable data.

You've got clarity.

You’re measuring what matters and tracking data points which allow you to conduct sharper analysis of key metrics.

You've got revenue you can rely on.

You’re qualifying opportunities sooner and filtering out low-potential leads earlier. You’re able to accurately forecast how many sales you’ll close.

Thumbs Up
You're wasting time.

Low-quality leads are slowing down your sales cycle and clogging up your pipeline. You’re wasting time and efforts on opportunities that are unlikely to close.

You don't know what's working.

You’re not tracking or reporting on sales activities, which means that you have no way of knowing where things are going wrong.

You're unable to stand out.

You’re struggling to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The lack of clarity and alignment means that your team is pulling in different directions.

Some of the things we do.

  • Sales Coaching & Training

  • Story Development

  • Script Development

  • Language Refinement

  • Performance Coaching

  • Reviews & Audits


Sales + Storytelling + Playbook =

Sales Storybook

A Sales Storybook empowers your team with the stories, tactics and strategies they need to achieve customer success.

It’s a document which continually evolves as you test, learn and iterate. It’s the
centralised collection of intelligence
outlining things like your sales process,
buyer personas, scripts, sample emails, qualification criteria, negotiation questions, and proposal guidelines.

How Sleuth's storybook gets you sales.

How Sleuth's storybook gets you sales.


Spend less time training.

Developing clear rationales of who your customers are, how they buy, their pain points, and what to say to them means that new team members will be more effective from day one.

Cash Register

Spend more time selling.

Ready-made content ready-to-go. Consolidating your learnings in one place ensures your team isn’t wasting time creating their own messaging, questions, and resources.

Graduation Hat

Test sooner. Learn faster.

Your storybook is the perfect medium and mechanism to circulate your most effective techniques. It makes it easy to share learning and develop iterations with the entire team.

How it works.

How it works.

Uncover your sales status quo.

We like to understand your business and its sales process. We then collect data and stories through interviews and observations to establish the status quo.

Design your sales storybook.

We help you design a sales operating system which ensures you're telling the right story to the right person at the right time.

Redefine your sales narrative.

We help develop the necessary storytelling abilities in your business and work with you to continually test and iterate your stories.

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