Ways of working.

Adding meaning to business mechanics

A team of meaning-making, narrative-constructing & visual-developing entrepreneurs. We add meaning to business mechanics; taking a humanistic approach that transcends design.

Lasting change happens from the inside out.
We build capabilities by working on your business while in your business - your entrepreneurs-in-residence.

We collect hundreds of stories, write a thousand words, then create the picture; that’s how we develop & visualise commercially valuable narratives - and connect you with your customers.

We do not provide capacity, we build capability.


Influence & Persuade.

Storytelling to increase revenue. We install our vision and narrative function in your business.


Executional Excellence.

Change management to improve productivity. We install our integration function in your business.

Steering Wheel

Clarity & Focus.

Systems engineering to increase profitability. We install our finance and data function in your business.

How do we do that?

We plug capability holes
and fill temporary capacity gaps in your business by working with your leadership and management teams.
  • Learning and development
  • Change management
  • Operational improvement
  • Complex deal team for hire
  • Sales-as-a-service
  • Innovation and commercialisation
  • Strategy definition
  • Product and service design

Determine the nature of your engagement.

Set the focus of your engagement.

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